Habits Of Successful Clients

Focus on these habits to ensure great progress.

Every client is unique. Each of you has different mindsets, strengths, weaknesses, goals and limitations. Exactly this is  what makes my job so enjoyable: variety! Nevertheless, there are some desirable traits that make the chance of a positive outcome easier. I have observed that successful clients rock some particular habits right from the beginning or adopt them very early in their fitness journey. Read on to learn from them how to be a more successful self.

Being Accountable For Your Mistakes

I don’t expect perfection from anybody, especially if it concerns nutrition or training. We are all human and nobody is perfect (your coach included). Failing is okay, it is a component of becoming better!

What I DO expect is honesty and accountability. You have to let me know if you went out with your friends, ate a whole pizza and had tiramisu. You have to let me know when you were too lazy to go to the gym. It’s all okay, we can still get great results, but you have to be honest and communicate with your coach.

Letting me know about your mistakes is the foundation of a good coaching relationship. How else can I help you? If you slip, I can catch you and prevent you from falling over and not getting results. Help me to do my job and you are sure to reach your goals!

Asking Questions

Please ask me whenever you have a question! I’ve done all those certifications and internships, I’m listening to all those podcasts, reading all this literature only to be able to answer your questions and provide a better service. You don’t have to do it, you hired a coach who has done this, so make sure to make use of all this knowledge.

Keep in mind that there are no stupid questions. Some things need clarification. Sometimes there is a blind spot and your coach can’t see where you could have troubles. For example, I got recently asked by a client who was struggling with single leg romanian deadlifts. In the beginning I couldn’t understand what was the problem. Until she explained to me that she thought she has to hold the bottom position of the deadlift for maximum time. Of course I had “normal” repetions in mind when I wrote her training plan and couldn’t comprehend her troubles with this exercise! But that’s not a problem, some miscommunication happend, it caused some confusion, we talked about it, and boom, problem solved.

Talk to your coach, ask him, pick his brain. You are paying for it, so use this service!

Eating Whole Foods

In my opinion,  this is the most important habit to adopt for every client who struggles with his diet. And many diets are implementing it to at least some degree. Just think about the whole “clean eating” and paleo movement. Not everything about those diets is perfect, but they encourage to eat real foods and not processed junk.

This will help in hitting your micro nutrients and due to the high fibre content of whole foods, it will also keep you more satiated with the same calories. On top of that, whole foods have a higher thermic effect of food (TEF). It means they are harder to digest than processed foods, causing you to burn some of the calories you are eating while you are digesting. TEF isn’t a huge factor, but over the course of your fitness journey, it will add up.

Lastly, whole foods will force you to learn the habit of cooking. This will take some time if you aren’t already experienced, but trust me, it will pay off big times! Don’t be afraid to get started. Buy a beginner friendly cooking book and read my kitchen tricks blog post to get a head start.

Plan, Plan, Plan

I think I’ve already preached it enough: plan ahead! Imagine how easy it will be if you have every meal prepared in advance. If you already know today that tomorrow you have enough calories left to get a scoop of ice cream after your workout. If you never end up looking into an empty frigde when you are hungry.

Sure, it means a lot of work has to be done beforehand, but we all can agree that a setup like this will lead to success. So why not least try to achieve it? This is a skill as anything else, and you will become better at it, the longer you practice. So start now, don’t be lazy and don’t try to come up with excuses!

Excuses only show your lack of planning. Having trouble with your protein intake because you “have” to eat out often? Well, make sure you always have a scoop of protein powder with you. You can find a solution to almost any situation if you really, really want to.

Nobody is perfect, not even your coach, and we’re here to help. If you think you need to make some changes to improve your results and adherence with this program, let us help you. Talk to your coach, start working on those success habits, and build yourself a strong foundation that will support good nutrition and proper training for the rest of your life.

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