Chantal - Side Biceps
Copyright @Tiefenscharf Photographie Sebastian Räuchle

Since I am going to write some of the blog articles in the future, let me introduce myself. My name is Chantal, I have a PhD in biotechnology, and I teach young dental medicine students biochemistry, chemistry and biology. Besides my job, which I love, I love to train and eat. As simple as it sounds, as simple it is. I commute 70 km every day, therefore I try to make the rest of my life easy.

I am a bodybuilder: I train and eat for a great physique (“look good naked”). Besides that I want to become insanely strong. I do not compete, as I am not feeling enough muscular for it, but I do not exclude stepping on stage maybe in a couple of years.

I am a foodie and that’s not a contradiction with a fitness lifestyle. There is plenty of good food out there which can fuel training and contribute to lean muscle mass, aka that “toned look” most of us love. Together with Stefan, I love to develop new recipes which are fitting in our current diet plan. I am looking forward to share them with you, together with some insights from my fitness journey! See you then!