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Bearystrong is an online training concept offering evidence based fitness training and guidance to healthy and delicious nutrition. We help fitness enthusiasts (and those who want to become one) reach their body composition goals with a sustainable and effective approach. We fight against misinformation in the fitness industry with science and dedication.

Chantal - Side Biceps
Copyright @Tiefenscharf Photographie – Sebastian Räuchle

My passion for bodybuilding started because I wanted to have an athletic body: building muscles and lose body fat by strength training and appropriate nutrition is the most efficient way to achieve this goal. As simple as it sounds, many of us may need some guidance during this journey and that is way I decided to make the certification as Strength Coach, one of the best education programms offered by the Pürzel brothers at das Gym in Vienna. Together with my scientific background as a  PhD in biotechnology, years of self-education in the evidence-based fitness and of course training, I am now ready to offer you my online coaching services together with Stefan. Be sure to check if online coaching is something for you. If not, I have a  very small contingent of personal training spots either in Krems or in Vienna.  I am looking forward to hearing from you:

  • More questions? Or want to apply for personal training? Contact me here! I am looking forward to work together with you.
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  • Want to know more about me? On Instagram you can find some insights from my fitness journey! And there are two blog post about how I became a bodybuilder and some newer updates. See you there!