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Bearystrong is an online training concept offering evidence based fitness training and guidance to healthy and delicious nutrition. We help fitness enthusiasts (and those who want to become one) reach their body composition goals with a sustainable and effective approach. We fight against misinformation in the fitness industry with science and dedication.

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Hi, my name is Stefan, I’m from Vienna and I like lifting, cooking, science and bears (you probably already figured this out). Most of my life I was an overweight nerd, who could not even think about physical exercise. Luckily this changed when I was 18 and I decided to lose weight (about 30kg). So I know exactly what it takes to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Yes, it isn’t easy, but I can help you achieve it!

Later I got into running, Crossfit, and through this into bodybuilding. This is when I met Menno Henselmans, did the Bayesian Bodybuilding Personal Trainer certification (major knowledge gains) “cum laude” and decided to work as an online coach specializing in body recomposition. Following this, I did the Intelligent Strength certification, perhaps the best personal training education there is out there.

I’m here to help you to shift to a strong and healthy lifestlye. Don’t worry, there are no magic tricks or pills, and I don’t want to sell them to you. You will only get scientifically proven training concepts and tried and true nutrition advice: stuff, that actually works!

If you are interested how a healthy, delicious and nutritious diet can look like, check out my Instagram. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any questions, or if you are already sold, fill out the application form. If you are on Facebook, come by and say hello.

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