Watermelon And Feta Salad

Vegetarian, rich in protein and delicious.

What an incredible combination of ingredients. Originally, watermelon and feta (or similar salty, firm cheese) are popular in the Mediterranean area but I wanted to do something slightly different. Also, to be honest, I just felt to change things up and I had an open bottle of chili sauce, fresh coriander and juicy ginger at home. This is how this Asian variation was born and I am really happy with it. Give it a try!

Obviously, but unusual for me, this recipe is vegetarian, so if you are looking for a meat-free meal that is also rich in protein, here you go! The preparation is also really easy and fast, I get this done in less than ten minutes.


  • a 180g block of low fat feta
  • 200g of small, ripe tomatoes
  • 150g of watermelon (rind removed)
  • salt, toasted sesame seeds (5g), fresh ginger and coriander
  • good quality vinegar of choice (I used apple vinegar) and a little sweet chili sauce (20g)


  1. Get a nice serving bowl which can hold all the ingredients. Half or quarter the tomatoes and cut the watermelon into similar sized cubes. Using a very sharp knife, finely slice the ginger and chop the coriander leaves (keep the stems for cooking a curry).
  2. Add all the ingredients (except the feta) to the bowl, season with salt, vinegar and chili sauce, give it a stir and taste the dressing. Season again if needed. Place the feta on top, sprinkle with sesame seeds and you are good to go!


Serves one person and has the following macros:

  • 442 kcal
  • 38 g protein
  • 27 g carbs
  • 20 g fat

You can change this recipe up easily. Switch fruits and vegetables as you like and as the season suggests. The most obvious is to go back to its Mediterranean roots, swapping the coriander for some herbs like basil, dill or oregano and omitting the chili sauce for a little bit of black pepper or chili flakes. Have fun with this little recipe, it is incredibly flexible.

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