Banana Poppy Bread

Tales of a Crossfit post-workout treat revised.

The first banana breads Stefan and I baked were as we both were eating Paleo style, which means without any grains, dairy and legumes. Why did we do that? First, I was suffering from weekly gut issues and had regular migraine attacks and a TCM doctor suggested me to avoid these products. In addition, we were both training Crossfit-style and it was very popular in those circles. The banana bread was our post-workout and probably the best part of it 😉 The old version of our banana bread was without flour and with plenty of nuts, delicious but a caloric bomb. Inspired by a lovely girl training at Das Gym with us, Kathi, we modified it and created a lighter version of it.

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Pan De Mej

Corn bread the Italian way

My hometown is Milan, one of Italy’s biggest cities and famous for its fashion. I don’t travel back often because my parents are here in Austria most of the time. To be honest I don’t miss the city that much even if it has its own beauty and there are places, memories and food that are unique to Milan. One of the most traditional but less known sweets is pan de mej, a hybrid between corn bread and corn cookies. The recipe is a winner: it is incredibly easy and delicious. Soft, not too sweet and an incredible corn flavour. Give these cookies a try, I am sure you will like them!

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