Easy Flapjacks

Rustic, foolproof and full of “the good stuff”.

Flapjacks are kinda weird: somewhere between cookie and müsli-bar. Delicious, easy to make and surprisingly satiating. Don’t be fooled by all the “healthy” ingredients like oats, fruits, nuts and honey, they still are what they are, a sweet treat totally worth the calories, but still having quite some calories. Sorry, I just hate it when sweets are labeled “healthy” and then marketed any calorie free. Anyways, enjoy these flapjack cookies, they are simply amazing!

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Vanilla Shortbread

Pure luxury for special occasions.

Saying this is a cookie is almost an insult. This is pure luxury. A single piece of vanilla shortbread takes a simple cup of tea and elevates it to a proper tea time. We choose best ingredients, so this is something special, reserved for special occasions or special people. I’m sure you’ll like it.

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Pan De Mej

Corn bread the Italian way

My hometown is Milan, one of Italy’s biggest cities and famous for its fashion. I don’t travel back often because my parents are here in Austria most of the time. To be honest I don’t miss the city that much even if it has its own beauty and there are places, memories and food that are unique to Milan. One of the most traditional but less known sweets is pan de mej, a hybrid between corn bread and corn cookies. The recipe is a winner: it is incredibly easy and delicious. Soft, not too sweet and an incredible corn flavour. Give these cookies a try, I am sure you will like them!

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Three generations of Christmas cookie-baking.

Our regular readers know that we are alternating a recipe and a fitness-related article every week but for Christmas we decided to give you one more recipe to have one more batch fresh cookies before Christmas. It is also a perfect match to the last week’s Hazelnut Kisses as you need only the yolks for this very traditonal Swiss recipe.

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Hazelnut Kisses

Hazelnut scent and childhood memories.

Actually, hazelnut kisses (“Haselnussbusserl” or “Haselnussmakronen”) are a classical Christmas cookie recipe in Austria. But do we need Christmas to eat cookies? We personally do not think so. This recipe has a great advantage: you can use up egg whites that are left over from other recipes, like for sabayon (zabaione) or Mailänderli or Carbonara. It is also very flexible and you can experiment with other nuts. On top this in one of my personal favorites: an easy recipe, passed down to me by my mum, a treasure, almost a heirloom. Enjoy!

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Chestnut Shortbread

Crumbly goodness and a bonus version.

Inspired by the Japanese love for chestnut, I am proud to present our chestnut shortbread cookies. There is nothing wrong having one of those in an overall healthy and balanced diet. They are crumbly, buttery and delicious. They make you happy. Probably, one of my favorite cookies of all time.

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