Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck

So, you decided to invest some money into getting a coach to help you with your fitness journey. Thats a great idea, but many people think that this is everything they need to do. But even the best trainer can not force you to go to the gym. Or watch everything you put into your mouth. Or do your cardio for you. So it’s all about you!

As long as you don’t put in the work that you need to do, nobody can help you. You paid for this, so it is in your best interest to get  everything out of the time period of coaching. Log your data, take your photos, do your workouts and commit to the nutrition guidelines. Optimize your regeneration: buy good food, cook, sleep and relax with as much dedication as you put into your workouts. Give the process some time and you will be amazed by the results.

You have to believe

The mind is a powerful instrument and I see many people holding themselves back by negative thoughts. “I am too old for this!” “will this even work?” “I don’t think that I can do this” … If you limit what you can do or achieve even before you have honestly tried, how do you think that you can reach your goals? You have to believe to the process!

Placebo yourself

Why is this so important? Because the placebo effect is a really powerful tool! There was a study in which the probands were told that they were given testosterone. One group actually was put on steroids (nothing an ethical commision would approve today btw 😉 ), the other only got a placebo (like a candy to swallow). The group which was given fake steroids actually gained nearly the same strength and same size as the steroid group. They only thought that they got “the juice” and made almost the same gains. Think about that for a second!

Placebo yourself into the process! Really push it, believe it, try your best! Remove distractions and unnecessary stress as good as possible. Avoid any nay-sayers, surround yourself with positive people, who want you to succeed. ILearn more about a healthy lifestyle, “like” or follow more evidence-based healthy people/sites. If it helps you, watch more Arnold movies!

Just do everything possible that drives you deeper into your desired mindset and grow!

Are you struggling with a boring diet or are you not enjoying your training anymore? Contact us and let us talk how we can reach your body composition or strength goals and let training and eating be fun again!

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