Bear-pleasing Quick Choc Pot

Your easy chocolate fix.

Originally the choc-pot was the filling of a Jamie Oliver no-bake chocolate tart: a very rich but quite calorie-friendly dessert which we’ll share with you soon. What if you do not want to/need to/can make a whole tart but you want to indulge in a chocolatey dessert? This recipe is the answer!


  1. Take one bar of your favourite chocolate and chop it into small bits.
  2. Add  a pinch of salt and if you like, spices or flavors of choice (cinnamon, orange, vanilla, ginger, chilli, nutmeg…)
  3. Pour the same amount in milliliters of boiling water on it (e.g. if you have 100 gram of chocolate, add 100 ml water) and stirr until melted.
  4. If you are on the sweet-side add your sweetener of choice. We don’t.
  5. Distribute in pots of appropriate size and let them cool in the fridge for approximately four hours.

Don’t be afraid to use boiling water on the chocolate! Trust us, it works.

Ideally, you use a high-quality bean-to-bar organic fair-trade chocolate (like from Zotter), but any chocolate of your choice should work. We never tried anything else than dark chocolate with 70+% cocoa therefore we can’t tell you how it works with milk or white chocolate.

What About The Macros?

The whole dessert has the macros of the amount of chocolate you use. To calculate the macros per portion just divide the total by the number of portions you made. For example, in the foto above we used 100gr of 70% dark chocolate with 589kcal, 45F, 34C, 10P. You can easily make three satisfying portion out of it with 196kcal, 15F, 11.3C,  3.3P each. Ok, it’s not the cut-friendliest dessert ever but it’s a nice treat with a lovely silky-chocolately texture. If you have some calories left, it is definitely worth it!

Endless Variations

Depending on your calories and taste you have endless possibilities:

  • play around with spices and aromas
  • test different types of chocolate
  • sprinkle/add salt, herbs or flowers of your choice
  • add dried or fresh fruits
  • mix nuts for the gianduia feeling
  • make it a bulking dessert by replacing part of the water with orange juice, milk or cream


Let us know how the recipe worked for you in the comments! If you ate too much of it and of other stuff ;-), let Stefan help you towards a healty and sustainable lifestyle.

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