Liver And Berries

True superfood made easy.

Liver is a true superfood, but sadly most of us don’t like to eat it. I’ve made it my mission to change it! With a bold combination of flavours and easy-peasy preparation. Weightloss friendly, high in protein, satiating and at the same time comforting. This recipe will make you a believer, so dig in!

Originally I wanted to write a completely different recipe, but I don’t have a nice picture of it and who likes to read a recipe without a picture, right? Last year Chantal and I were in Edinburgh, Scotland and we had a blast strolling through the farmer’s markets there. And one day we found beautiful pigeon breasts, plump and deep red, almost black and cheap as chips. I paired black redcurrants with them and it was an amazing dish.

Back at home I tried to recreate that feeling: the tart berries and the strong, somehow iron-y flavour of the pigeon. I chose liver as a substitute for the pigeon and the humble frozen berries mixture from the supermarket. There was also some leftover cooked beef that needed to be used up, so I also threw it in. To my surprise it all worked out really well, creating one of my favourite ways to eat liver.

Don’t worry if you don’t have mirin at home, it is not necessary, but its sweet umami flavour works quite well with the liver. You may substitute it with soy sauce and some sweetener of your choice. Of course the leftover cooked beef is not essential for this dish, so you may skip it as well.

Beef liver has a quite strong “livery” flavour, if it is too strong for your likeing, switch to chicken liver. Make sure you buy good quality liver and ask your butcher to clean and cut it for you. It will spare you the tedious work.


  • 680g Beef liver
  • 450g Leftover cooked beef
  • 530g Frozen berries
  • 35g Garlic
  • 200g Onions
  • 20g Cooking fat
  • 30ml Worcester sauce
  • 20ml Mirin
  • 25g Flour
  • 200ml Water


  1. Peel and finely cut the onions and the garlic. Place a skillet over medium heat, add the cooking fat and fry the onions and garlic until they start softening up.
  2. Push them on the side and add the liver. Give it a little time to develop some colour, then add the flour, stir and deglaze the pan with mirin, worcester sauce and water.
  3. Let simmer until the liver is just cooked then add the leftover meat (if any) and the berries. Season with salt, pepper and majoram. Adjust sweetness with sweetener of your choice. If you feel you need a little sourness, add a splash of red wine vinegar.

I’ve paired a simple carrot salad loaded with herbs with this dish and topped it with some pistacchios because I was lucky enough to have the macros left to afford them. The nutty flavour turned out to work quite well and a refreshing salad is welcome anytimes, so I suggest you do the same.


100g of this incredibly nutritious dish contain the following macros:

  • 115kcal
  • 13,9g Protein
  • 6,6g Carbs
  • 3,7g Fat

3 thoughts on “Liver And Berries”

  1. Ich hatte schon die ganze Woche Gusto auf Leber und hab mich erinnert, dass ihr mal in einem Rezept Leber und Beeren kombiniert habt. Ich wollte aber etwas mehr herbstlich inspiriertes versuchen und es ist um so viel besser geworden als ich mir erhofft und erwartet habe! Daher wollte ich die Idee mit euch teilen ­čśë
    F├╝r 2-3 Portionen:
    20g Butter, 500g H├╝hnerleber, 300g Zwetschgen, 150g Austernpilze
    Alles im Wok der Reihe nach anbraten, nur Salz und Pfeffer, sonst nix, um den Geschmack nicht zu ├╝berdecken. Au├čer vielleicht Piment, das ich nicht hatte. Und zum Schluss ein kleiner Schuss Himbeer-Balsamico von Vom Fass.

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