Online Coaching – Pros and Cons

What online coaching can do for you and where it’s limitations are.

This article is for everybody, who is still uncertain, if online coaching is a good choice for her/him. If this is the case, please read this carefully and consider all the pros and cons before making a decision. Online coaching isn’t for everybody and we don’t want to talk you into it, if it isn’t the best solution for you!


Independent of your workout time: an in person training session usually is about one hour. But what if your training session actually only lasts 30 minutes? Or if you need two hours to complete it? With online coaching, this doesn’t matter! As you train alone, you can take as much (or little) time as you need. You pay for knowledge and expertise, not for somebody to stand next to you.

Excellent value: We don’t need to hold our client’s hand as they do leg extensions, therefore we can make better use of my time and offer you a much better price than any (good) personal trainer ever could. You get constant feedback from us, not just a few times per week when you otherwise would meet your personal trainer. We make sure your exercise form is on point with training videos you share with us. Those form checks will be implemented as often as you need them.

Location: no matter if you are travelling a lot or you live in an area where you cannot get good coaching services, you can make use of our coaching wherever you are! This is a huge difference to in person coaching, as you are normally forced to  go to a specific location to meet your coach.

Freedom: not having to book a personal trainer in advance can be very relieving for certain people. If you have a workout scheduled for a certain day and you cannot make it that day, there is no drama about that! Just get it in the next day!


However, there are also some downsides to online coaching. If you are a beginner and literally have no idea of how lifting weights works, you need constant supervision and form checking. With online coaching we can not provide you with that. If you live in, or near Vienna, we can meet up in person though.

As long as you have at least some experience with resistance training, and you just need some feedback on your form, we can easily do that. You can send us a short video of a working set and get a form check from us.

If your motivation is lacking, and you literally need someone to drag you into the gym and cheer you up on every repetition you are doing, online coaching isn’t for you. Only a personal trainer can push you through your workouts (perhaps a good workout buddy will do the trick too). We can question you about missed checkins or lacking gym performance, but if you are good at lying to yourself or us, we won’t be able to help you to maximize  your results.

Summing it up

Online coaching is an excellent choice for everybody, who is at least somewhat experienced with weight training and has a grown-up attitude about training and nutrition. If this is you, you are an ideal candidate for online coaching and we would be happy to work with you.

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