Incredibly Easy Cheesecake

The three ingredient gluten-free cheesecake.

No matter if I am cutting or bulking, I have this cheesecake every single day for breakfast, adding some milk kefir, skyr or fruits depending on the needs. Isn’t that awesome? If it fits my macros (I am 160cm petite), it should also fit in yours 😉

Stefan and I developed this super easy recipe for me to eat on the go in the train while I am commuting and leaving home at 5:30 a.m. We bake it during our meal prep, cut it in slices and freeze whatever we do not plan to consume within 4-5 days.

This one is a fast one to prepare and also suitable for people who do not like to bake. It’s a “mothership” recipe too, which you can vary depending on your taste. Do not forget to adjust the macros if you make any changes. Some examples:

  • Roast the nuts for more taste and crunch
  • Add matcha or soluble coffee to kickstart the morning
  • Add berries or other fruits if you like it fresh and fruity
  • Instead of nuts use roasted and ground poppy seeds
  • Experiment with all kinds of spices: cardamom, allspice, vanilla, tonka bean, ginger

  • Use different nuts or even nut butter
  • Add some cocoa or, if your macros allow, chocolate drops or dried fruits
  • You can also make a savory version without sweetener and for example chicken, dried tomatoes, oregano and olives
 (let us now, what you tried)

Here is the recipe, have fun!

For a 24cm diameter form – makes 8 servings:


Beat the eggs well with the salt, add everything else and mix properly. Pour the cake in a form lined up with parchment paper and bake it in the preheated oven at 180 °C for approximately an hour or until slightly golden. Wait until it cools down before taking it out from the form (I know it’s hard) and enjoy!

2019 Update

We are currently both on a contest prep diet for the Strength Coach PT- course and are on a very low calorie-diet. Therefore we simplified the cheesecake recipe and created a skinnier but bigger and even more delicate version of it. Here is the recipe with the macros:

The even skinnier but bigger version for a 20x30cm tray:


Proceed as above and enjoy!

Note on the side: one slice of the cheesecake has more protein than most conventional protein bars, less calories and less fibre. Fibres are per se a good thing but can be disturbing for the digestive system and you may not want to consume them before training. And in my opinion most protein bars have a quite unsatisfaying texture and taste.

2020 Update

If you like Scotland, oats and berries, also give the Cranachan cheesecake a try. It is my favourite version so far!


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16 thoughts on “Incredibly Easy Cheesecake”

  1. Erste 🙂
    Ich habe das Rezept jetzt 3x ausprobiert, halbe oben genannte Menge ergab 12 Muffins – QualitĂ€tskontrolle sowas von bestanden!!! Sehr lecker und ich liebe einfache und trotzdem wandlungsfĂ€hige Rezepte!
    1. Geriebene HaselnĂŒsse statt Mandeln
    2. Mit geriebenen Mandeln, Zimt, Saft einer halben Zitrone
    3. Ebenfalls mit Mandeln, Dose Thunfisch, getrocknete Tomaten, mediterrane GewĂŒrze, restlicher halber Mozzarella – voilĂ  die geniale Alternative zu Pizza


    1. Wenn es durch deine QC durchkommt, heisst es was 🙂 Super Idee es in Muffinförmchen zu backen, macht es noch einfacher zu Portionieren!


    2. Das freut mich, dass Du es schon ausprobiert hast :D! Dieses Rezept kann man wirklich in alle möglichen Richtung drehen und wenden, es wird einfach immer gut.


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