Airplane Friendly Foods

Flying Fitfoodies Take Their Own Food On Board

Did you already read our blog post about how to nail your nutrition in vacation? One of my favourite tips is to bring your own food on the airplane because most of the time the food you get on board isn’t worth the calories. Sounds complicated but it’s much easier than you think. We compiled a small choice of groceries that are easy to handle and that you can carry unchilled for a while.

Grab your boxes and choose from one of each food categories depending on your calories and macros. Take it as an inspiration: there are certainly even more options! Especially if you like to bake you could do stuff like spinach-mozzarella-egg-muffins or even our incredibly easy cheesecake (check also the variations from our client Alexa in the comments if you understand German).

Cover your protein first, as it is almost impossible to get adequate protein at the airport or airplane. Nuts and seeds take care of your fats and can usually bought at the airport in small packages. Just don’t overeat on them 😉 . Choose adequate fruits and veggies to keep you satiated and to hit your calorie target. Make sure you bring them yourself, most airports are completely devoid of fruits and veggies. Choose foods that are easy to peel (if at all), robust (so they survive a few hours in your bags) and don’t need any processing (you won’t be able to bring a knife).



You may feel a little bit weird the first time you are unpacking your own food and everyone is staring at you (or you think they are), but it is definitely worth it. Simply offer your seat neighbours some strawberries and everything will be fine again 😉 . Here is how our meal prep for the last flight looked like:

Cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs and home made sourdough rye bread for the flight from Vienna to Edinburgh.

Fasten your seat belt and enjoy your flight!

What did you pack in your cabin luggage? Let us know in the comment section below!

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