Upates Part 2

Update on my postdoc’s life, coaching, education and more

Stefan already wrote a nice update which you should check if you have not done it already. There was a lot going on for both of us, therefore I will add some additional points. By the way it is the first article of mine since ages and I am glad having some time for writing. This will also be one of the last personal blog posts for a long time as we want to get back to proper content and recipes for you!


Our close friends and family already know but with beginning of April I started working full time for the Danube Private University after two years of half-time employment. During the week I am now living alone in Krems (Wachau, Lower Austria), which was very unusual after 14 years together with Stefan but it allows me a less stressful life without commuting. Of course, we enjoy our weekends together even more and we are looking forward to our next vacation together, wherever it will be 😉

There were some reasons why my “upgrade” happened in a quite unexpected manner but it was just a matter of time since DPU is now offering a medicine bachelor and we are going to start research in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. I am super excited to be part of the team: I have a great PI and I am already attending a conference in TĂźbingen, Germany at the end of September. And I can’t wait to work in the lab again! Of course I am still teaching, preparing the pratical courses and doing all the kind of admin stuff postdocs are doing. Life is not boring in Krems!


One of the main reasons I was not writing for the blog was that I spent every free minutes where I was not working, training, eating or sleeping with learning for our Strength Coach exams: studying anatomy, working through books and transcribing hand-written notes into digital format. As Stefan did already tell you, it was totally worth it: we passed the theoretical exam and I am now a certified Strength Coach.

What does it mean? Team Bearystrong is even stronger! I am now taking a couple of clients and coaching them together with Stefan, in order to offer you the best service as possible as online coaches. If you are interested use either our application form or contact us here and tell us what we can do for you. In addition, I have a very small number of spots if you wish to have hands-on/personal training: I am training in Krems at KSV-Powerteam during the week and at Das Gym in Vienna on weekends. Feel free to contact me and let us see how we can work together.

Of course education does not stop here: I am constantly hearing podcasts from other evidence based coaches and reading content to get updated information for the blog and our clients.


I am very proud to have met the strength requirements for the Strength Coach education by lifting following weights:

  • backsquat 80kg
  • deadlift 101kg
  • shoulder press 35kg
  • bench 52.5kg
  • pull up 20kg (in addition to my bodyweight)

It was more than the 5x of my bodyweight required for passing the test as I was weighing around 51kg during the strength phase. These are alltime personal best and Stefan was again responsible for the planning. He was also checking the technique of the lifts via video or in persona during weekends. He adjusted a lot of small details and allowed me to perform at my best even in the short period of time we were given (around 8-10 weeks).

Even if I enjoyed the powerlifting-style training, I am very happy to be back to bodybuilding. At the end of July I’ve started with a new programm: a half-body split with a training frequency of four days and focus on shoulders and legs. I am also pushing bodyweight up (now I am at around 54kg) to maximise muscle growth and get rid of my irregular period. Our summer escape in Scotland made it quite easy to do so and I am enjoying this very relaxed time with food. I am still counting calories and tracking but everything is not as strict as during the cut.

Actually, I was supposed to start being coached in September but my future online trainer is competing in October (nothing less than the British finals in the toned bikini class) and therefore we postponed the start to November. I am looking forwad to it as it is the first time in my life to get an external coach and my journey towards a bodybuilding competition start feeling more real. Also, as a newbie coach I have plenty to learn from an experienced trainer like her.


The wonderful late summer and fall weather makes it a pleasure to spend some time outside with my old horse, Festoso. He is 23 and I’ve been riding him for 18 years. As an oldie he is a bit more relaxed as he was in his early days but he has still plenty of energy and I am taking care that he keeps moving. That’s also the time where I meet my family and we enjoy some time together.

The wekend time is also for Stefan and me: we spend time together at the gym, we go to the farmer’s market and test new recipes for the blog. We are also both looking forward to the Christmas time where Vienna is particularly beautiful: lights everywhere, decorations, the smell of mulled wine and toasted almonds…

I hope you enjoyed my little update too and I am looking forward to hearing what content do you wish to come next. We are going to make our best to fullfill your wishes!

Have a great day and stay strong!

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3 thoughts on “Upates Part 2”

  1. Danke fßr dein Update, ich habe es genossen! Du hast ja wirklich alle Hände voll zu tun, so vielfältige und spannende Projekte!
    Ich freue mich auch sehr auf die Vorweihnachtszeit.
    Liebe Grüße


    1. Liebste Juli, danke! Ich freue mich, dass wir uns in zwei Wochen wieder sehen ❤ Alles Liebe! Chanty


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