Beary Birthday!

Beary Strong 2nd anniversary

We can not believe it: our small business turned two! And the last year was amazing!

  • Stefan and I went through the Strength Coach diploma and therefore I am now able to support Stefan as an online coach and I am also taking personal training clients as well. If you want to read more about our journeys you can read it here and here.
  • We reached 150 followers: thank to you all who are reading the blog. You are our motivation to keep up with valuable content!
  • Both, Stefan and I, started being coached by two great online coaches. Stefan is coached by Alexander who is a successful powerlifter and bodybuilder himself. I am coached by Mirela, a great trainer, professional trained bikini/figure competitor and owner of the first posing studio in Austria. We are making both the gains of our life and learning a lot from this experience.

We are looking forward to make the next year even better by increasing the quality of the website for our readers (stay tuned for some great updates to come!) as well as improving our coaching skills to give our (future) clients an even better service. Reading, listening to podcasts and researching literature will constantly be part of our routine. We will also never grow tired of trying new recipes in order to inspire you to cook for yourself and your beloved ones. Cooking is such a big part of a sustainable healthy lifestyle and we strongly believe in it: that’s why we will always have at least one recipe every two weeks!

Last but not least a special thank to some special people:

  • Sissy, my mother-in-law, and our client since the beginning of Beary Strong. She made such a mindblowing progress at the age of 70+ and is always supporting our business.
  • Viola is not only a great friend of us: she supported Stefan as a coach already from his beginning as a PT.
  • René, one of our first online coachee. Thank you for your trust. You did an amazing job!
  • Elena trusted me too and lost almost 10 pounds.
  • Alexa, she always shares our recipes. Thank you, darling!
  • Sebastian, who made the amazing pics of us which you are seeing on the blog.

Finally, thank to you all dear readers. Stay healthy and keep growing!

Chantal & Stefan

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