A Lazy Bear’s Curry

Tasty meal preping for dummies.

One of the most common execuses I hear as coach is that people are too busy, especially when it comes to cooking. Nobody seems to have time for it. I see and understand the point: not everyone is a foodie like us who likes spending time in the kitchen. But you do not need too: it can be so easy! This curry takes about 15 minutes to prepare and you can scale it up for as many hangry bears you need to feed. No excuses of not having time for that!

Okay, in order to be fast, we have to cheat a little to get a powerful curry because we don’t have time to fry onions and to brown the meat. We want incredible taste with as little effort as possible. Thankfully that’s not a problem with curries.

Welcome to the wonderful world of curry pastes! Go to an oriental supermarket and take your time to look around. Usually you can find at least ten different curry pastes for every desire: hot, mild, red, yellow, green, and so on. And usually the ingredients used are really good too. Most consist only of onions, garlic, salt and other spices and don’t need any preservatives. Jackpot!

I like to have three different curry pastes at home, just to be sure I never get bored and I suggest you are doing the same. Oh, while you are there, buy a nice bunch of fresh herbs like coriander or thai basil. Great flavour, you could never achieve without those herbs. Also dried or fresh curry leaves and kaffir lime leaves are incredible. Get them, freeze them if you don’t need them immediately and thank me later.


  • 3,5kg Lean stewing beef
  • 1kg Aubergine
  • 250g Curry paste
  • 680g Passata
  • 500ml Water
  • 50g Fresh coriander leaves


  • Well, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Preheat the oven to 160°C.
  • Cut the beef and the aubergine in mouthsized chunks.
  • Put the curry paste, passata and water in a big pot and mix thoroughly. Add any extra spices like fresh ginger and kaffir lime leaves if you wish.
  • Stir in the beef and aubergine, close the lid and put into the oven. Cook for about 4 hours or until tender.
  • Let cool off before serving and add the chopped coriander (or other herbs). Done.


100g of this curry have the following macros:

  • 86kcal
  • 12,6g Protein
  • 1,3g Carbs
  • 3,4g Fat

This recipe is ideal if you have a busy week or weekend coming up and you need a lot of protein in a diet friendly way. And as you can see in the picture above, this is exactly what happened to me. It was friday and I needed to prepare a lot of food for Chantal and me because there was no time in the weekend for cooking due to our personal training course that we are currently attending.

And that’s the beauty of this recipe: cut everything up, whack it in the oven and you have time for other things. Problem solved. You can even cook this dish in a slow cooker overnight, if you want, providing a really special breakfast. A good curry is an excellent, spicy and cozy way to start the day!

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